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People who work in the Casino In India Online's Administration and Services are essential for supporting the mission of CUSAT. These employees deal with everything from the Casino In India Online's human and financial resources to health and safety matters. Syndicate, Academic Council, Senate and the Boards of Studies in different faculties are the Principal Authorities of the university. Syndicate is the Chief Executive Body which meets every month.

Name Address Office email Office Phone
1 Prof. (Dr.) P.G SANKARAN Vice Chancellor
Cochin Casino In India Online of Science and Technology
682022 4842575619
3 The Director of Technical Education Directorate of Technical Education
Padmavilasom Road, Fort P.O , Thiruvananthapuram
695023 4712451246
4 The Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department Higher Education Department
Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram
695001 4712518997
5 The Secretary to Government, Finance Department Finance Department
Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram
695001 4712518997
6 The Executive Vice-President, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram
695004 4712548200
7 Sri. K.K. Krishnakumar Senior Fellow
Centre for Socio-Economic & Environmental Studies (C.S.E.S), Padivattom,Kochi
Padivattom,, Kochi
682024 9447045306
8 Dr. Sreejith P S PrIncipal , Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kochi
Ashtapathy, Kaniyankunnu,
East Kadungallur, U C College P O,Aliva
683102 9847533330
9 Sri. M Vijin MLA (Kalliasseri)
504, Periyar Block, MLA Hostel, Palayam
695034 9847443943
10 Smt C K Asha MLA (Vaikom)
804, Chandragiri Block, MLA Hostel, Palayam
695034 9947178605
11 Dr .P.K.Baby Director
Director, Dept.of Youth Welfare ,CUSAT, Kochi-22
682022 9447508345
12 Dr..Laly M J Associate Professor
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics,College of Engineering,
680009 9447352934
13 Prof.Abraham P Mathew Professor
Padinjattethil,Chungathara P.O
679334 9447335366
14 Dr.Shajo Sebastian Professor
Kandakudy veedu ,Kainady P.O
686534 9447040492
15 Dr. G .Santhoshkumar Professor
Dept. of Computer Science,CUSAT,Kochi
682022 9447305879
16 Dr.S Bijoy Nandan Dean Faculty of Marine Sciences
Dept. of Marine Biology,Microbiology and Biochemistry ,CUSAT
682016 9446022880
17 Dr.Praveen Lal K Dean Faculty of Medical Science and Technology
Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Centre ,Thrissur
680005 9895647935
18 Dr.N Balakrishna Dean Faculty of Science
Department of Statistics ,CUSAT,Kochi
682022 9446605682
19 Sri.Sreerag P Student Representative
S5,B.Tech Electrical & Electronics ,SOE ,CUSAT ,Kochi-22 7558867765
20 Dr. Sasi Gopalan Professor
Department of Mathematics
Cochin Casino In India Online of Science and Technology
682022 9495363385
21 Dr. S. Bijoy Nandan Dean, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Professor
Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry, CUSAT, Kochi -16 9446022880
22 Dr. Ranjini Bhattathiripad Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Professor in Architecture
School of Architecture,
Government Engineering College,Thrissur 8547635436
23 The Director, Kunjali Marakar School of Marine Engineering Director,KMSME,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 0
24 The Director, School Of Environmental Studies Director, SES, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 0
25 The Director, School Of Legal Studies Director, School Of Legal Studies, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
26 The Director, Casino In India Online School of Photonics Director, Internationl School of Photonics, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 2575848
27 The Director, School Of Management Studies Director, SMS, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
28 The Director, School Of Industrial Fisheries Director, School Of Industrial Fisheries, CUSAT, KOCHI - 16 2354711
29 The Director, School Of Marine Sciences Director, School Of Marine Sciences, CUSAT, KOCHI - 16 2351957
30 The Principal, Cochin Casino In India Online College Of Engineering Principal, Cochin Casino In India Online College of Engineering, Kuttanad, Pulincunnu 688 504 0
31 The Principal, School Of Engineering Principal, School Of Engineering, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
32 The Head, Department of Computer Applications Head, Department of Computer Applications, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
33 The Head, Department of Hindi Head, Department of Hindi, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 2575954
34 The Head, Department of English and Foreign Languages Head, Department of English and Foreign Languages,CUSAT,KOCHI - 22 0
35 The Head, Department of Statistics Head,Department of Statistics,CUSAT,KOCHI -22 0
36 The Head, Department of Mathematics Head, Department of Mathematics,CUSAT,KOCHI -22 2577518
37 The Head, Department of Biotechnology Head,Department of Biotechnology,CUSAT,KOCHI -22 0
38 The Head, Department of Physics Head, Department of Physics, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 0
39 The Head, Department of Applied Chemistry Head, Department of Applied Chemistry, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 9847363660
40 The Head, Department of Applied Economics Head, Department of Applied Economics, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
41 The Head, Department of Ship Technology Head, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
42 The Head, Department of Electronics Head, Department of Electronics, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
43 The Head, Department of Instrumentation Head, Department of Instrumentation, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
44 The Head, Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology Head, Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
45 The Head, Department of Computer Sciences Head, Department of Computer Sciences, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
46 Assistant Director & Head, Department of Physical Education Assistant Director & Head, Department of Physical Education, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 9447102163
47 The Head, Department of Marine Biology, Micro Biology & Biochemistry Head, Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry, CUSAT, KOCHI - 16 0
48 The Head, Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics Head, Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics,CUSAT,KOCHI -16 2366478
49 The Head, Department of Physical Oceanography Head, Department of Physical Oceanography,CUSAT,KOCHI - 16 0
50 The Head, Department of Atmospheric Sciences Head, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, CUSAT,KOCHI - 16 0
51 The Head, Department of Chemical Oceanography Head, Department of Chemical Oceanography,CUSAT,KOCHI -16 0
52 Dr. K.A Zakkariya Chairman BoS in Business Process & data analytics & Director, DDUKK 9846554444
53 Dr. Sasi Gopalan Chairman BoS in Mathematics & Professor, Department of Mathematics, 0
54 The Director, Center for Techno-strategic Studies(CTESS) Chairman BoS in Defence Science and Technology 0
55 Dr..M.K .Sabu Chairman BoS in Computer Applications & Professor, Department of Computer Applications 9446128197
56 Dr S M SUNOJ Chairman BoS in Physical & Mathematical Science
Professor, Department of Statistics
CUSAT, Kochi-22 0
57 Dr. Saritha G Bhat Chairman BoS in Biotechnology & Professor, Department of Biotechnology,CUSAT,KOCHI - 22 9447331510
58 Dr. N Manoj Chairman, BoS in Chemical and Biological Science
Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry,CUSAT,KOCHI- 22 9447712268
59 Dr. Valsamma Joseph Chairman BoS in Marine Biotechnology, Director and Associate Professor,NCAAH,CUSAT,KOCHI - 16 0
60 Dr. Sabu M.K Chairman BoS in Forensic Science & Associate Professor, Department of Computer Applications
CUSAT,KOCHI-22 9446128197
61 Dr. Glory Joseph Chairman, BoS in Civil Engineering
Professor,Division of Civil Engineering ,SOE,CUSAT,KOCHI -22 9745229596
62 Dr. Renumol V G Chairman BoS in CS & IT, Professor, Division of information Technology ,School of Engineering 9446475103
63 Dr. Mridula S Chairman BoS in EE & EC & Professor Division of Electronics Engineering ,School of Engineering 9567883856
64 Dr. M R Radhakrishna Panicker Chairman,BoS in Mechanical Engineering & Marine Engineering
Professor, Division of Mechanical Engineering ,SOE ,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 9447411827
65 Dr. G Madhu Chairman, BoS in Chemical Engineering & Safety & Fire Engineering
Professor, Division of Chemical Engineering & Fire Engineering,SOE,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 9447366900
66 Dr. Annie Kurian Chairman, BoS in Foreign Languages
c/o Assisi Institute of Foreign Languages
Bharananganam 0
67 Dr. K Girish Kumar Chairman, BoS in Applied Chemistry & Professor
Department of Applied Chemistry, CUSAT,Kochi-22 9847363660
68 Dr. P S Sunil Chairman, BoS in Marine Geology
Associate Professor, Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics,CUSAT,KOCHI-16 9869801448
69 Dr. Titus K Mathew Chairman, BoS in Physics
Professor, Department of Physics,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 0
70 Dr. R Sasidharan Chairman, BoS in Hindi & Professor,Department of Hindi
CUSAT, Kochi - 22 9447052840
71 Dr. James Kurian Chairman, BoS in Electronics and Communication Systems
Professor, Department of Electronics,,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 9447291196
72 The Director, CIFNET Chairman, Board of UG Studies in Marine Sciences
Fine Arts Avenue 0
73 Sri. Baby Chakrapani Chairman, BoS in Atmospheric Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences,CUSAT,KOCHI- 16 9446446850
74 Dr. Johney Isaac Chairman, BoS in Instrumentation
Associate Professor, Department of Instrumentation, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 8281535741
75 Dr. Santhosh Kumar G Chairman, BoS in Computer Science
Professor, Department of Computer Science, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 9447305879
76 Dr. Shaju S S Chairman, BoS in Chemical Oceanography
Professor, Department of Chemical Oceanography, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22
77 Dr. M Bhasi Chairman, BoS in Buisness/Industrial Management
Professor, School of Management Studies, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 0
78 Dr. S Rajitha Kumar Chairman, BoS in Commerce
Professor, School of Management Studies, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 0
79 Dr. P Arunachalam Chairman, BoS in Applied Economics
Professor, Department of Applied Economics, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 9746770732
80 Dr. Vani Kesari A Chairman, BoS in Law(UG)
Assistant Professor, School of Legal Studies, CUSAT, Kochi - 22 9495953744
81 Dr. P. S Seema Chairman, BoS in Law(PG)
Associate Professor, School of Legal Studies ,CUSAT, KOCHI -22 9496943875
82 Dr.V. Sivanandan Achari Chairman, BoS in Environmental Studies
Professor, School of Environmental Studies, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 0
83 Dr. M Harikrishnan Chairman, BoS in Industrial Fisheries
Professor, School of Industrial Fisheries, CUSAT, KOCHI -22 9447327804
84 Dr. M Kailasnath Chairman, BoS in Photonics
Professor, ISP, CUSAT, KOCHI - 22 0
85 Dr. Sunil K Narayanankutty Chairman, Board of Studies in Polymer Science and Rubber Technology 0
86 Dr. Zakkariya. K.A Chairman, BoS in Technology and Management Consulting
Professor & Director, Deen Dayal Upadyay Kaushal.Kendra,CUSAT,KOCHI-22 0
87 Rear Admiral George Kuruvilla Chairman, BoS in Aeronautical Science and Technology
VSM(Rtd), Hb-66, Panampilly Nagar,Kochi -682036 0
88 Dr. Rajan Varughese (Member Secretary, Kerala State Higher Education Council)
Ayarathu House, Maradu P.O, Kochi-682304 0
89 Dr. Asha Gopalakrishnan Professor, Department of Statistics & Chairman, BoS in Statistics
CUSAT,KOCHI -22 9447220353
90 Dr. Narayanan Namboothiri V.N Dean, Faculty of Engineering,Professor,Division of Mechanical Engineering , School of Engineering,
+91-9349895949 9349895949
91 Dr. N.Balakrishna Dean,Faculty of Science,Professor,Department of Statistics
CUSAT, Kochi-682022 9446605682
92 Dr.Sam Thomas Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Professor, School of Management Studies
CUSAT, Kochi 9846152127
93 Dr.M.Kailasnath Dean, Faculty of Technology & Professor,Casino In India Online School of Photonics
CUSAT, Kochi-682022 9447213863
94 Dr James Varghese Professor
Division of Mechanical Engineering, SOE, CUSAT 9495672695
95 Dr Mujeeb A Senior Professor
Casino In India Online School of Photonics, CUSAT, Kochi
96 Dr Santhosh Kumar S Professor
School of Management Studies, CUSAT, Kochi
97 Dr Praneetha P Associate Professor
Department of Hindi, CUSAT, Kochi
98 Dr Sajeevan T P Associate Professor
99 Dr Suja Haridas Associate Professor
Department of Applied Chemistry , CUSAT, Kochi
100 Anup N Research Scholar Department of Physical Oceanography
101 Athul S.Ramesh S5, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
102 Dr.K..Ajitha Professor, Department of Hindi
103 Dr.K.C.Sunny Professor, Department of Law
104 Dr.Santhosh kumar P K Chairman BoS in MSc Econometrics and Financial Technology
105 Dr.A Mathiazhagan Chairman, BoS in NA and SB
106 Dr.Sophia Rajan, Head of School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies
Sreenarayanaguru Open Casino In India Online, Kureepuzha, Kollam, 0
107 Dr.P.R.Biju Associate Professor,School of Pure & Applied Physics,
Mahatma Gandhi Casino In India Online,Kottayam
108 Dr. Anil R Nair Associate Professor,NUALS
NUALS Casino In India Online, HMT Colony P.O,Kalamassery, 0
109 Dr.Jess Vergis Assistant Professor,Department of Public Health, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences
Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences Casino In India Online, Pookode, Wayanand-673576
110 Dr.Vinu Thomas Dean (Academics)
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological Casino In India Online,CET Casino In India Online,
111 Dr.R Sajeev Chairman BoS in Physical Oceanography

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